part time designer and art director, full time kumiho

they + she 

hyperfocused movements of a particular upheaval, an ongoing irruption
that re-arranges every assumption of the equivalence of subjectivity and identity.

personal work focused around apotheosis, folk storytelling, the dematerialization of the body, deep fantasy, personal mythologies, the revolution of crisis, creating demi-god through the written word and the embracing de-weaponizing our identities and alchemizing intimacy.

client work focused around collaboration, community, honoring the bonds of creation and mother earth. 



EMAIL:        rinkimdesign@gmail.com 
SOCIAL:       none

LOCATION:     Occupied Lenape land “New York” 
ABOUT:        All my secrets

Rin’s  experience and collaborators vary from NYLON magazine, AWAKE NYC, GHOSTLY,
Sundae SchoolJune Canedo, Chino Amobi’s EROICA, Naima GreenSable Elyse Smith,
The Swiss Institute, the GEM rebranding, and Mixpak Records. They are currently working full time at VERDES / COMBO and co-run  OTHER PUBLISHING along side partners Mai-Phuong Bui, Yi Song, Mary Lai, Rey Carlson, and Nix Ni.

Their work has been within and at the MoMa institutions, The Human Sexuality Archive at Cornell University, University of Southern California USC Libraries, and many more.

CARE / HEALING RESOURCES (currently in progress)

Background video art directed by Rin Kim J: Paradise Signs trailer - cinematography: Daniel Felipe Mangosing