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Rin (they/him) is a mixed asian / nonbinary trans graphic designer and mutli-diciplinary artist based in Brooklyn NY
born in 1997 in Watertown, New York; they are a
mutli-diciplinary chimera, demi, hydra, mutt, graphic designer, filmmaker, alchemist, performance artist, writer, and yong working around non-binary mythologies, ritual storytelling, and fantasy.  Their work is a hyperfocused movements of a particular upheaval, an ongoing irruption that re-arranges every assumption of the equivalence of subjectivity and identity.

Call them: they / him / Rin / or nothing

They are currently a graphic designer at VERDES NYC

They’re an aquarius sun, virgo moon, sag rising 

Their work ranges from traditional graphic design to digital + film photography, screenprinting, woodwork, large scale installation, video direction, and performance art. 
Get in touch:
ig @culotte_daddy