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Rin (she/they) Kim Johnstone is a mixed Korean (혼혈) and Scottish + other non-binary graphic designer, writer, and film maker.

born in 1997 to a dragon and a werewolf they are a storyteller and myth bearer, chimera, demi, hydra, mutt, graphic designer, filmmaker, alchemist, writer, and yong working around violent mythologies, ritual storytelling, and sci-fi fantasy.  Their work is a hyperfocused movements of a particular upheaval, an ongoing irruption that re-arranges every assumption of the equivalence of subjectivity and identity. They are based in upstate NY living slowly and intentionally. Outside of work they can be found skiing, hiking, canoeing, camping, climbing, quilting or gaming with their partner.

They were a graphic designer at VERDES/COMBO and are currently a full time designer at THINX

They are always part of the collective OTHER PUBLISHING.

Their skills and profficiencies include the Adobe Suite, Microsoft Suite, art direction, image making and photo editing, branding, and focusing on human connection/collaboration and happiness <3

Their design philosophy is committed to the principles of all design is collaborative - even individual personal work is informed by the community and experiences others have generously offered. To work quielty is a gift. All work is worthy when done with care and intention no matter how big or small. All process is precious. 


Walker Arts Interview
It’s Nice That

Their work can be found:


Otherwild (LA), Bureau of General Services Queer Division (NYC,  Printed Matter Inc (Chelsea, NYC), Printed Matter St Marks, NYC), Hauser and Wirth Publishers Bookshop, Ulises Books (Philadelphia), Red Emma's Bookstore Cafe (Baltimore), Bluestocking (NYC), Category is Books (Glasgow), Wolfman Books (Oakland), University of Southern California
USC Libraries (LA), University of Pittsburg Pittsburgh, PA, Tufts University - Tisch LibraryCornell University Librar Ithaca, NY and Artbook @ MoMA PS1

Their work can be found in the Archives
/ Special Collections of:

The Human Sexuality Archive at Cornell University
Milwaukee institute of Art and Design Collection
SAIC Special Collections John M Flaxman Library, Chicago, IL University of Southern California USC Libraries
Tufts University
University of Pittsburg

They’re an aquarius sun, virgo moon, sag rising

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