Queer +/ Trans Korean Binyeo

+ A hairpin for me and mine: design by Rin Kim / printed on linen 

3D modeled by: Lentz Marseille

Final pin a work in progress, but a note:

If I am not what I was when I was born, and I am not what I have become then what is this specter who has emerged from the dead lands? // months of planning and research to form something I wanted for myself but it’s for all of us. Gold to push deep into my skull and it becomes a key. But I want to be able to share this now that it is finally being formed: For every queer and/or trans korean baby. Born far from the homeland, who can’t speak the mother tongue, who rots between two worlds. For those who celebrate. For those who have clarity and for those who do not. For those who thrive or see sunlight trickle into the pit. For the hot pire they light to burn you. This is a reminder what your bloodright is and that is to be. // a binyeo just for LGBTQA+ korean bodies. Producing the metal piece is taking much time and patience but will be announced once the magic happens and then will put out a site to order.
Thank you somuch @nontsimutiti for facilitating the space for this to be created I never would have started without you. Thank you @lentzduhcrabfor 3D modeling my vision I am always so awed by you skill and generosity. Thank you to my haraboji who when I prayed to before beginning this endeavor and year sent many signs and sigils.